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DMCA and Other Thoughts for the New Year

Another year has come and gone; like many people, we find the New Year to be a good time for reflection on the past, and thoughts for the future. Here at Manga Read, we have been receiving a lot of DMCA requests from Google. So far they are only targeting search results, but it’s entirely possible the site itself could be served.

Copyright is always a touchy subject. On the one hand, there are thousands of manga that will never be released in English. The language barrier is huge; expecting people to buy a book in a language they can’t even read is a stretch, although true fans often times do.

When a work is licensed, it takes a serious amount of money, time and effort for a professional localisation. Another reader site said that reader sites make people feel that manga should be free. To some extent that’s probably true, and we are partly responsible for that. We don’t want to sound too hypocritical, but we really don’t feel good about taking business away from Viz Media and similar companies. However, we do understand that many people are simply not at a point where they can afford manga and anime.

We want everyone to continue reading at Manga Read. Just be aware that if we receive a DMCA notice, we will have to comply. And if you really like a certain work, if and when you have the means, please support the author.

Updated: Publisher Takeshobo and an unnamed author have filed suit against Cloudflare. The suit alleges that Cloudflare is complicit in copyright infringement by providing its service to piracy sites. Although no defendents other than Cloudflare were named, it’s safe to assume that the alleged piracy sites will be named eventually.

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