Announcement: Mangaread has disabled FLoC Read more

Mangaread has disabled FLoC

Manga Read has opted out of FLoC, and you probably should too. If you haven’t heard about FLoC, browser maker Brave has published an article explaining why they removed it.

Removal of Instagram Share

We have removed Instagram sharing from manga info pages. The reason is because many scanlation groups ask that manga not be posted to Instagram. Many artists are active on Instagram, and if they see their copyrighted works, they could file DMCA complaints and get the scanlators shut down. Thanks for understanding.

Image Quality Issues

One of our new assistants accidentally hit the wrong switch on some of our software, causing a massive reduction in image quality. We have spent the last 8 hours or so attempting to fix these images. If you see any images that look bad (worse than usual) please refresh the page. If that doesn’t work,…

Emergency Maintenance to Fix User Avatar Upload

There was a longstanding issue with user avatar upload of .jpg files. Hopefully this has now been resolved. For those who received errors uploading .jpg files, or uploaded one but it failed to appear, please try uploading it again. Thanks.

Comment System Issues and Server Backup

There are currently several outstanding issues with the commenting system. Chapter comments are appearing on all chapters, and on the manga info page as well. After several hours of maintenance, we have fixed some of the issues. Chapter comments and replies should only appear in the chapter they were posted in. However, chapter comments will…

Server Migration Has Been Completed

After server migration, our average load times went from 4-8seconds, to 20-30. Not exactly the results we were looking for. Our team has spent the last few hours making some adjustments. Performance should now be similar to pre-migration. We will continue to make further adjustments to further improve performance. If there are certain pages that…

Server Migration Incoming

Attention: at 2020/08/02 23:00, we will be performing server migration. The migration will take several hours at least; worldwide propogation could take up to 48 hours. Right now we are experiencing periodic service downtimes; this migration should solve the issues. We apologise for the inconvenience; hopefully, this migration will result in a better experience for…


A message from the Manga Read team. On May 25, Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin killed George Floyd by kneeling on his neck for over eight minutes. The brutality, which was captured on video, led to renewed #BlackLivesMatter protests around the US and world. Demands for justice from a vastly unjust and violent system are…

Account Suspension Notice

For a short time earlier, some users were met with a very ominous ‘account suspension’ message when trying to access Manga Read. Rest assured, this does mean users at all. In fact, the reason for this message is entirely on our end. Apparently there was an issue with the payment to our hosting provider. This…

DMCA and Other Thoughts for the New Year

Another year has come and gone; like many people, we find the New Year to be a good time for reflection on the past, and thoughts for the future. Here at Manga Read, we have been receiving a lot of DMCA requests from Google. So far they are only targeting search results, but it’s entirely…

Search Issues Have Hopefully Been Resolved

We’ve known for some time that there were certain issues with site search. Unfortunately, the source of the problems were difficult to track down, due to many different plugins and frameworks that were never designed to work together. However, we believe we have finally fixed the remaining issues, and searching should be working properly again….

The Issues With the Reader Have Been Resolved

We believe we have resolved the errors in the reader. We had to update some frameworks; hopefully it won’t introduce new bugs. If you continue to experience any errors, please let us know.

Issues in the Manga Reader

We have received several reports of users being unable to access the reader. After investigating and checking the server logs, we were unable to detect anything unusual. We will continue to investigate the issue. In the meantime, please report any issues, with the name of the series. We are working on an update our report…

Weekly Maintenance Completed 2019/12/27

Weekly maintenance for 2019/12/27 has been completed. Several bugs were fixed, including an issue with search that was introduced with the last maintenance. We always hope that no experiences 404 errors, but if you do, hopefully you’ll find it a bit more useful now. That’s all for this week.

Upcoming Maintenance on 2019/12/27

We will be undergoing routine maintenance at 21:00 2019/12/27. This is mainly a bugfix release, with several fixes to layout and search pages. The maintenance should be completed by 22:00.

CDN Migration and Backup Restore from 2019/12/05

As always, we have good news and bad news. The good news is that we were able to migrate successfully to the new CDN. We had reached the resource limits of our old CDN, and were unable to upload any new chapters. The bad news is that we were forced to restore the site from…